Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CHS Announces Release of Pagan Life Academy for Incarcerated Pagans

For Immediate Release:  October 15, 2013


Contact: Holli Emore,


COLUMBIA, S.C. – Cherry Hill Seminary has just released its new Pagan Life Academy, a series of eight low-cost print lessons for incarcerated Pagans. 


The Pagan Life Academy series is pan-Pagan, presenting values, ethics, stories and ritual elements that are common to various Pagan traditions.  Each lesson uses elements common to nearly all modern Paganisms:  holidays, the calling of directions, ritual practice, and mythology.  Because inmates are incarcerated most often because they have made poor choices, our writer chose eight character traits, or virtues, and re-wrote stories from ancient cultures to emphasize these virtues.  The ritual actions are based on the stories and include a commitment to continuing the development of a given virtue.  Pagan Life Academy lessons are suitable for solitary practitioners, or for groups, and for use by volunteers and chaplains in prison systems.


“As America’s prisons become increasingly crowded they more nearly reflect the changing religious demographics of our country, which include growing numbers of Pagans, and SBNRs (“spiritual but not religious”).  The prison experience can be a cauldron of transformation for many;  Pagan Life Academy is Cherry Hill Seminary’s offering to our incarcerated Pagans and those who serve them,” said Executive Director Holli Emore.


The following lessons may be ordered online at, or by sending a check or money order to Cherry Hill Seminary, P.O. Box 5405, Columbia, SC 29250



Item Cost

Samhain, Winter Nights, Halloween – October 31

Persephone and the Pomegranate; truthfulness and integrity


Yule, Midwinter, Winter Solstice – December 21 or 22

The Devotion of Isis to Osiris; devotion and loyalty


Imbolc, Disting, Candlemas – February 1

The Commitment of Mulan; commitment and following through


Ostara, Summer Finding, Spring Equinox – March 20 or 21

The Land Spirits and the Maple Syrup; substance abuse, meaningful work, goal-setting


Beltane, Mayday – May 1

The Binding of Fenris; courage, sacrifice, responsibility


Litha, Midsummer, Summer Solstice – June 21 or 22

The Children of Hercules are Offered Compassion; empathy and compassion


Lammas, Lughnasadh, Freyfraxi – August 1

The Generosity of Baucis and Philemon; generosity and helping


Mabon, Harvest, Fall Equinox – September 22 or 23

Fionn and the Song of Fairie; self-control, risk, endurance, and honor


Welcome and Introduction

You will need one of these to go with the lessons - ritual instructions, how to use the stories and discussion guides, individual roles, altar setup, directions, correspondences



For more information, visit Cherry Hill Seminary online (

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Scholarships Available for Women in Practical Theology! (St. Thomas University, Miami)

An Exciting Way to a Theology Doctorate!
Practical theology at St. Thomas University is both a theological field and a way of doing theology. It begins with a practical concern that comes out of experience, engages that concern in dialogue with the religious tradition and the culture, and through that dialogue discerns wisdom that leads to transformative action. Our program is unique among Catholic universities in the United States, and is very much open to those from all Christian traditions, approaches, and convictions. 

Program Goals
The Ph.D. program aims to do the following:
·      Develop advanced competency in practical theology that appropriates biblical, historical, and contemporary sources.
·      Apply practical theological method and analytical skills in a manner that critically incorporates insights from philosophical, psychology, and social scientific theory and research.
·      Advance the work of practical theology within culture, society, religious formation, and the life of the faith community.
·      Cultivate practical theological skills critical for transformative leadership and advocacy within society, church, and the contemporary theological conversation.
·      Acquire skills necessary to research and teach practical theology at an advanced level.
Funding Available!
Precandidacy students may be offered a practical theology scholarship, a tuition-based scholarship awarded annually by the dean of the School of Theology and Ministry. Our funding is designed to encourage a mix of students – women and men, and people of all different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
Seeking Women Applicants!!!
Applications from women are especially welcome and the doctoral program has prioritized recruitment and funding on that basis.
…Contact Us Now
For personal guidance through the application process and to answer any questions you may have, contact Bryan Froehle. He directs the Ph.D. program and is best reached via email at Email today!