Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Petition to capitalize Pagan in Chicago Manual of Style from Oberon Zell-Ravenheart!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Everyone seems to want to sign on to the petition to the Stylebooks! Our original intention, of course, was just to get a strong showing of credentialed academics, encyclopedic authors, book publishers, etc. We accomplished that handily, and I mailed off copies to the Stylebook editors yesterday with 50 extremely impressive signatures.

But since I posted the letter and signatures after-the-fact on FB, I’ve been deluged with requests to add more names. Since so many people who are now learning about this want to sign the petition, we will continue collecting further signatures just to show the wider community support. If for some reason we get turned down on the first pass, perhaps a longer list of signatories will prove even more convincing at a later time. And there are other Stylebooks we may need to approach as well.

To facilitate further signatories, Christine Hoff Kraemer has created an online master version in Here’s the link; please circulate it: