Current Pagan Students

Katie Koumatos, Taoist Kitchen Witch and HPS
MDiv Student w/ Focus on Interfaith Communities and Spiritual Direction
Primary Contact Person for Open Circle (Currently Inactive)
Admin at New Spirit Community Church
gmail: kskoumatos

Katie has been a practicing pagan for twenty years and pagan clergy for ten.  She came to seminary to become fluent in Christianity so she can successfully support Interfaith communication between pagans and the other major religious communities in our country.  Her own craft is a creative mix of Taoism and Shintoism, Hindu deities, and Greek Heritage.  Katie has also become a practicing Zen Buddhist as a result of her time in seminary.  As a member of the queer community, Katie sharply rejects the male/female dualism that can be prevalent in pagan communities and instead embraces deities and ritual forms that challenge and blend gender roles and identity.  She has taught workshops and classes on paganism for many years and ran the online pagan magazine, "The Rising Wind" in the 2000's.  She is also writing about her experiences as a pagan seminarian on her blog, Pagan on the Pulpit.

Michelle Mueller
Ph.D. Candidate, Cultural and Historical Studies of Religions (GTU)
Master of Divinity, Pacific School of Religion, 2008

Michelle is a doctoral candidate writing her dissertation, "Performed Polygamy and Polyamory in the Media Age." She served as the Area Assistant for Cultural and Historical Studies of Religions for three years.  As a PSR alum and current doctoral student affiliated with Starr King School for the Ministry, Michelle feels connected to both PSR and Starr King.  Michelle has taught for Berkeley City College, Santa Clara University, Starr King School for the Ministry, and Cherry Hill Seminary. Learn more about Michelle's research

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