Pagan Studies Salon

Pagan Studies Salon is an opportunity to share research in progress with GTU graduate students also invested in the study of Paganism (historic and/or contemporary).  Pagan Studies Salon was created because there have been many emerging scholars studying Paganism, indigenous religion, and earth-based spirituality at the GTU; there are also many Pagan-identified students who cut across the grain from GTU Christian normativity inside the classroom and out in the world.  Pagan Studies Salon supports the mission of the Graduate Theological Union, appreciating multireligious education and inclusivity.

Pagan Studies Salon meets monthly.  Students send requests to present (drafts, finished papers, or ideas/outlines) to Chair, who then creates an agenda for the meeting.  Presenting is available to students and is not a contest.  Contact Michelle for details or join the "Pagan Studies Salon at the GTU" google group.