Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Local Spirituality Courses: Courting the Goddess and Wild Writing

Courting the Goddess
with Urania & Riyana Rose

 In this series of classes we will work to develop intimate, experiential relationships with the Goddess in Her varying forms.  Using magical and artistic practices such as trance, myth working, altars, aspecting, song and poetry, we will deepen our understanding of each Goddess and how She may touch our lives, and develop creative ways in which to worship, pray, and engage with the divine.

Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth
Inanna of Sumer is the multi-faceted goddess of life, death, and rebirth, and both the starry heavens and the underworld. Her epic love story with the shepherd Tammuzi brings fruits to the fields and abundance, w hile the battle of wits she plays with the trickster god Enki allows her to bring the arts o f civilization to her people – from music and lovemaking to crafts like leatherworking and basketweaving and the holy offices of the priestesshood.  This deep dive into her mysteries will take us beyond the traditional stories into her mystical practices and sacred rites.  Monday Nights, November 10-24th.

Aphrodite: Goddess of Love and Beauty
Like the sea, Her beauty is legendary. For centuries women and men have worshiped Her in the waves and tides of love making.  Some say She was the daughter of a Titan—that She rose from the sea’s foam.  For others, She is Venus, the brightest star in the night sky.  Join us as we explore Her mysteries to reveal our own, and awaken ourselves to Love and Beauty in all of their forms.   Monday evenings, January 12-26. 
Urania and Riyana are longtime friends, Reclaiming Priestesses and devotees to the Goddess in her myriad forms.

To register, contact: uraniawitch@yahoo.com
Cost: $90-$300, sliding scale per workshop.

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Wild Writing for Healing & Revolutionary Change
with Ravyn Stanfield and Riyana Rose

In this rapidly transforming world, our words make a difference.  This retreat is for those who struggle with finding time in the frenzied schedule to sit down at the page and for anyone who wonders how to generate political, relevant and powerful writing for this transformative time.  We will ignite our creative process with ritual, provocative prompts and an abundance of dedicated writing time. 
This retreat is about finding our authentic voices, our creative courage and strength, so that we can bring our messages into a world that is in a constant din of babble yet also too tragically silent when it comes to meaning, healing, transformation, to revolutionary ideas and action.  It’s about writing – of every genre and form – that brings these much-needed messages out into the world, and helps shatter the glass prisons of silence that many of our comrades find themselves in every day.
We will form a tribe of supportive writers and wordsmiths, hell bent on using our authentic voices to turn this world from destruction towards life affirming structures.  We will venture into vulnerability, where the truth lives and free our revolutionary muses from boredom, fear and lectures.  We will follow our subterranean creative impulses all the way to world changing writing.  You will leave this retreat with actual writing, either new material or new life you have breathed into an old piece.    

@ the Quaker Center in Ben Lomand, CA
(about 90 minutes from the San Francisco Bay Area)

January 9th-12th, 2015
For more information: wildwyldwriter@gmail.com

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